Thursday, May 27, 2010

Green Innovations for now and near future

Hi All,

Today I will start this post of Green Innovations that will make our life better once we use them:

1) Eco4Planet: Green internet search engine based on Google that saves up to 20% on energy (due to black screen) and plants a tree on every 50.000 searches.

If all the search market (Google included) adopted it, the 100 billion searches a month could result in 2 million new trees every month, reducing the GHG emissions.

2) Felisa: The Electric bike already available in Brasil

You keep healthy and fit while moving around faster than an ordinary car is Sao Paulo*, with virtually no GHG emissions. The electric motor may help you on uphills, tiredness, long distances and speed as you choose to ask for it's help anytime.

This bike has passed a test-drive in Sao Paulo by a professional that reviewed it with thumbs-up. 

Want to move faster than Sao Paulo's traffic jam (15 km/hr average speed in the city), and contribute to your personal and public health + the environment ?

Choose Felisa as your city transport!

It is ALREADY FOR SALE  with INSURANCE  by Porto Seguro for less than € 1100(much less than a motorcycle or a car, cutting GHGs and promoting daily exercise and happiness).

3rd) VW's Bik.e

This VW Bik.e (prototype scooter) is one of the attractions of Volkswagen latest slogan, Think Blue, at Auto China 2010.

It is a folding electric scooter that you can easily put into a car trunk, to help mobility on town centers (demonstrated in the video bellow). 

The design is sleek and with its light weight, it will definitely appeal to many. As you can see, there is no pedal, so no exercise. Just a electric scooter that you can store away, but interesting concept to complement a biofuel car in the city.  

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