Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy WED 2010 (World Environment Day)

Hello Everyone!

Today is a Historic day! At least for me...

It took me 33 years to finally plant my first tree (at least here in Europe)!

It is a beautiful Prunus avium specimen that we named after Chiara M. after the great friend and writer that came to visit us today. She inspired us on the choice of a Cherry tree for our action for this World Environment Day (WED 2010).

Check out the video on how our Chiara M. cherry tree was placed on our back yard here in Italy. 

Be inspired and plant a tree you too!

PS: Thank you Don Rodrigo, Chiara M., Alessandro, Cristiane, Ligiane, Caca, Beroaldo, Tommaso and Nicole for your help today on making it happenCouldn't do it without you guys!


Nicole Melhado said...

Grande Mario!
Fazendo a sua parte no Dia Mundial do Meio Ambiente.
Estaremos daqui 20 anos em baixo desta árvore comendo cereja, ok?

Marios World said...

10 anos já se foram ;-)

Marios World said...

10 anos já se foram ;-)