Wednesday, July 31, 2019

4 Generation Cycles

According to Google’s talk of Robert Greene, “Author of The Laws of Human Nature”  I was drawn on the consideration he has that a Generations occur every 20 to 22 years, and there are 4 generations living at every moment, as he describes from minute 50 on the video:

2 young generations (Progressives / Change Agents)

0-22 Years old &
23-44 Years old

2 older generations (Conservatives / "Skin in the game")

45-66 Years old &
67-88 Years old

The Spirit of the times (Zeitgeist) cycle of each of the 4 generations follow this flow:

Gen1-Revolution generation like Baby Boomers / Hippies ~ born through 1945-1967

Gen2-Preserve generation  like: Gen X / Xennials  ~ born through 1968-1989 

Gen3-Conservative generation like: Gen Y / Millennials / Gen Z  ~ born through 1990-2012 

Gen4-Crisis/New Revolutionary generation with new values, like iGen  / Gen Alpha ~ born through 2013.... 

Some references online state generations on a more flexible criteria, as follows:

Which Generation are You?

Generation NameBirths
Age Today*
Oldest Age
The Lost Generation
The Generation of 1914
The Interbellum Generation19011913106118
The Greatest Generation1910192495109
The Silent Generation192519457494
Baby Boomer Generation194619645573
Generation X (Baby Bust)196519794054
Generation Y, Gen Next
iGen / Gen Z19952012724
Gen Alpha2013202516
(*age if still alive today)

Do you think the highlighted ones above are the 4 key Generations alive today, and what are their profiles / main causes / The Spirit of today (Zeitgeist) ?

Monday, July 22, 2019

Where are we going, and is there someone out there?

This week we celebrate 50 year anniversary of the landing of the 1st Man in the Moon, the Apolo 11 mission.

It was our parents generation's largest achievement (as deterring Nuclear War also in the 60's) and I'm glad our generation will replicate it in 2024 Artemis mission, toward making humans a multi-planetary species.

As a child entering to my teens, I thought our space exploration was going to inevitably encounter Alien life (UFOs - Unidentified Flying Objects) as it seems to be found in the skies, and impressed everyone by the classic movies Close Encounters of the third Kind & E.T, both from Spielberg.

This video shaped what I would think as a child could have been the moon landing meeting UFOs

At 11 years of age, I did binge-read books looking for evidence of alien intelligent life and UFOs and
Isaac Asimov was one of my favorite science fiction authors at the time. In my mind lingered thoughts of how to link Area 51, Rosswell, the tone communications with Alien life:

As a grown-up the Multiverse theory and meeting Alien Life fall short on face of the Fermi Paradox

So where are we going? To colonize the Universe and Spread the flare of consciousness and intelligence while at it. For me that seems better that the prospects of Thomas Malthus Population Bomb theory and furthers Ester Boserup and other solutions for the Fermi Paradox.