Saturday, November 1, 2008

1 Terramingo – Korea’s dream of Unity

My stay in South Korea and the border with North Korea proved this country to be one of the most ADVANCED in regards to TECHNOLOGY and EDUCATION added to one of the LIVELIEST hard working PEOPLE in South East Asia.

The first impression is great! You land in one of the most modern airports in the world, with color LCD screens displaying art and news everywhere. The train, a project carried out by a Brazilian Engineer friend, takes you from the airport to the city center with no traffic jams.

I’ve surprisingly found also on the streets of Seoul a welcoming portico for the international visitors.

Korea became one of the most advanced economies just in a generation’s lifetime that built world class players on prime market clusters (LG, Samsung and KIA just to name a few).

This seems even more remarkable if you remember that this is a country is:

  • Has no great natural resource assets but it’s people (similar to Japan);
  • Slashed by civil war - Korea´s War – 1960 (leveraged by 2 super powers, one of which, USSR, is now just remembered on museums in the city that my Brazilian friend that lives there took me to visit).

This prominent state was reached thanks to EDUCATION and a superb commitment to innovation. I would like to elaborate on this, since this shows that a country like mine, BRASIL, can understand that in LESS THAN 30 YEARS, become a super modern society with STRONG EFFORTS IN QUALITY UNIVERSAL EDUCATION.

ALL children are students, and leave to school at 7am for first class facilities, and come back only at 11pm. Discipline is to thought that students that used to disobey were asked to stay in a corner with their arms raised until the teacher told them to put them down (that could be hours later).

This land called TERRAMINGO is still divided by a border between North and south, but right there is a beautiful park and a train track that is ready for the dream of UNITY that is close to coming true, and this makes people even more positive about the future!

People are as friendly, happy and outgoing as in Brazil. And I may say with no fear of making a mistake that the Korean Women are the prettiest ones I found on all Asia. The picture below is a proof of it.

The 7th of September was Brasil´s 176 Independence day, and I spent it in style with the Embasy´s Party in Seoul. The picture below was of the Brazilian Emblem carved in Ice on the garden of the Hotel where the reception was held with representatives of over 40 nations.