Wednesday, July 31, 2019

4 Generation Cycles

According to Google’s talk of Robert Greene, “Author of The Laws of Human Nature”  I was drawn on the consideration he has that a Generations occur every 20 to 22 years, and there are 4 generations living at every moment, as he describes from minute 50 on the video:

2 young generations (Progressives / Change Agents)

0-22 Years old &
23-44 Years old

2 older generations (Conservatives / "Skin in the game")

45-66 Years old &
67-88 Years old

The Spirit of the times (Zeitgeist) cycle of each of the 4 generations follow this flow:

Gen1-Revolution generation like Baby Boomers / Hippies ~ born through 1945-1967

Gen2-Preserve generation  like: Gen X / Xennials  ~ born through 1968-1989 

Gen3-Conservative generation like: Gen Y / Millennials / Gen Z  ~ born through 1990-2012 

Gen4-Crisis/New Revolutionary generation with new values, like iGen  / Gen Alpha ~ born through 2013.... 

Some references online state generations on a more flexible criteria, as follows:

Which Generation are You?

Generation NameBirths
Age Today*
Oldest Age
The Lost Generation
The Generation of 1914
The Interbellum Generation19011913106118
The Greatest Generation1910192495109
The Silent Generation192519457494
Baby Boomer Generation194619645573
Generation X (Baby Bust)196519794054
Generation Y, Gen Next
iGen / Gen Z19952012724
Gen Alpha2013202516
(*age if still alive today)

Do you think the highlighted ones above are the 4 key Generations alive today, and what are their profiles / main causes / The Spirit of today (Zeitgeist) ?

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