Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank you Sydney!

Debrief of Sydney? Beautiful people, landscapes, positive energy, international city that gave me a Wonderful feeling in WYD 2008 of belonging to something much greater that us, with an experience of God!

Lessons Learned?

* Come in Summer (Nov-May) and enjoy Bondi and Manly beaches (cool as Ausie´s chardonay);
* Buy a pre-paid SIM card to use your mobile locally with the friends you meet;
* Have See food & Prawns (shrimp) at the Fish market;
* Dine & Wine with friends by the Harbor Bridge (
discounts from mon-thu);
* Sauveur Victoria´s Cabernet + Merlot wine with seafood pasta;
* Stay close to train stations (they get you everywhere);
* Lunch downtown @ mall food courts and shop for souvineers on the streets there (very inexpensive);
* View of the Sydney Bay for
free on Buena Vista Café Bar (at Supreme Court building downtown);
* Try last minute student rush tickets to the Opera House for over 70% discounts;

* Come in Winter (June to August), too cool for us Brasilians to hang out at the beach in Sydney (= to Porto Alegre-Brasil).

After all the wonderful Welcome received in WYD 2008 (displayed even in the sky) it is time to leave Sydney! I´m already in Cairns, but can´t forget to thank all the special people that made these past days so joyful.To avoid placing a long list, see some pictures of whom are some of these special people & moments.

Thank you all with all my heart !!
(you know why and for what :-> )

Welcome in Sydney´s sky
for WYD 2008 pilgrims

Ausie Pizza & Wine with Brazil Group & the Mort & DiGioia
(my homestay family)

And Laura - The best english Hostes in Sydney, that with her friend helped us keep warm with 6 gas heaters by the Harbor bar

Brasil´s Bishop for the Youth

The Koala hug

All are 1!


The Vigil with the Pope @ Radwick

Sunday mass with the Pope @ Radwick

Finding Nemo with the Junior Morts :-

Nemo´s friends

Loads of Nemo´s friends @ the Syney Aquarium!


dklautau said...

Grandíssmo Mário!

Eu te agradeço, por tudo e por cada coisa.

E não se preocupe, nem se iluda: Madrid 2011 já é uma realidade.

Meu número: 1173928109.

Estou com seu hd. Vou entregar para seus pais assim que possível!

Forte abraço.

Eder Miranda said...

Saudações amigo quase irmao! Que alegria ver a sua alegria! Aproveite cada minuto! Um enorme abraço cheio de saudades.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mario!!!
It's Katie from North America!! Well, looking at the comments, it seems that I really do need to learn Portuguese. Hope to see you in Madrid!!


Anonymous said...

Olá Mario,
recebemos o seu cartão da Austrália.
A UAI está se encontrando hoje e todos mandam um grande abraço e declaram a unidade.
Um abração
Alex, Heraldo, Gustavo, Fausto e Andre.

aussie child said...
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aussie child said...

Hey Mario It's Rachel from Australia!! We met at the opening mass concert :D just missing my wyd buddies and thought I'd come and check out your blog :P hope you have an awsome time in Cairns. I am four hours drive south of Cairns in Townsville!!. I do have a blog spot which you should post on so we can keep in contact! But alas uni starts tomorrow and I need to go to get some sleep. Bye Rachel