Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2008 World Tour = 16 stops in 4 months

I´ve decided to write in English to keep this Blog as universal as possible, seeing it will be read by my friends in Brasil (which most understand English) and around the globe.

My trip starts tomorrow, with a 1 day stop in Buenos Aires where I meet my good friend Tomás from www.lamartina.com and have a nice Argentinian "Merlot".

From there I fly to Australia, with a Pit Stop in New Zeland. In Ausieland I´ll spend 3 weeks:
1 week with family in Melbourne
1 week with the Pope Benedict XVI AND 250.000 young people in Sydney in www.wyd2008.org
1 week diving in the great barrier reef in Cairns.

From there I go to:
Beijin for the Olympics,
Xangai for visiting friends,
Tokyo for business fair,
Seoul for visiting friends,
Hong Kong for another business fair,
Bangkok for fun,
Mumbay to visit a good old Friend,
Dubai for prospecting businesses,
London to visit relatives

and finally to Italy where I start my Masters in Economy of Sharing, a Brazilian innovation on this field. The masters will take place in Florence @ www.iu-sophia.org

Flying to Melbourne is not an easy thing. Just to grasp issue, the the flight
from Buenos Aires there will take over 20 hours (you could go from Sao
Paulo to Europe and back on this time-frame).

To avoid getting sick with thrombosis (and bored to death) my mum gave me a list of exercises
her Lian Gong teacher has thought her.
For those traveling a long way (or just working 12hs a day on a Notebook) I decided to share this video with those exercises. Hope you find it usefull ;->

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