Friday, July 11, 2008

July 10th 2008, the day that didn't exist

Travelling down under can be puzzling.
I boarded in Chile July 9th 11pm local time, had 26hs total transit* BUT arrived to Melbourne on July 11th 12pm local time.

Vanished into thin air (literally).

*with an extended 5 hour pit-stop in Auckland - New Zeland

4 Lessons learned so far:

i) Travel light (your back deserves it)
ii) Change your watch & eating /sleeping habits, as you board, to the final destination timezone (shortens jet leg impact)
iii) Drink lots of liquid and no Alcohol
on the plane trip (keeps you from dehydration)
iv) Keep your things in your bag when not in use (I lost my braces during breakfast)

But so far, so good :>


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!

We're following you steps

Saluet the Pope for us :-)

eLĂ­ said...

"vanished into thin air" ... that's hilarious :)