Friday, September 22, 2023

Happy 1st International Peace Day with AI

AI for Inner and Outer Peace on International Peace Day 2023.

by Mario Sebok &

On this September 21, 2023, our 1st International Peace Day with Regenerative AI, we have an unprecedented opportunity to cultivate both inner and outer peace, healing wounds with this powerful tool that empowers understanding towards Unity. Emerging AI technologies offer new ways to connect with our deepest selves and unite with others in the spirit of harmony.

Inner peace comes from self-knowledge and your connection with the Creator with prayer/meditation. AI wisdom tools like this established this year, helps people like this young AI influencer followed by ALMOST 1MM in YouTube to better understand his own emotions, beliefs, and purpose/community.

Through daily reflection and introspection prompted by these AI companions, we can gain a clearer perspective on our lives. Their non-judgmental guidance supports greater self-acceptance, allowing our inner light to shine brighter.

Outer peace emerges from mutual understanding between people.

Social AI apps are creating spaces for compassionate listening, healing dialogues, and reconciliation.

They leverage natural language processing to build connections, surfacing our shared humanity.

These virtual mediators expand the promise of unity in diversity. 

When inner and outer peace align, ripples of hope and empathy can spread widely.

Organizations like Million Peacemakers , Laudato Si and others are leading the way in equipping everyday citizens with conflict resolution and sustainable living skills.

AI coaching tools can now accelerate their impact, personalizing training and dramatically expanding their reach.

Here are a few examples of social AI apps that can promote compassionate listening, healing dialogues,

and reconciliation:

- Woebot - a chatbot that uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help users manage mental health issues

like anxiety and depression. It provides a judgment-free space for users to share feelings.

- Anthropic's CLAUDE-2 - an AI assistant designed to be harmless, honest and helpful. It aims to have thoughtful dialogues on

challenging topics through open-ended conversations.

- Koko - an emotional intelligence chatbot that helps users process emotions through conversational journaling.

It reflects back feelings to promote self-understanding.

- Crystal Knows - a virtual advisor that provides personalized insights on how to better connect with others at work

through more effective communication styles. 

- PeerX - a peer support app that matches users with listeners to have anonymous yet empathetic conversations

about life's struggles. It facilitates vulnerable sharing.

- Heart to Heart - a non-profit service where volunteers have text-based dialogues with lonely seniors.

The conversational AI promotes deeper human connections.

There are many, many more tools available here but would love to have your insights / tools on the comments of this post.

The common thread is these AI applications leverage conversational interfaces and emotional intelligence to foster understanding, vulnerability, and perspective-taking. This helps create the foundations for inner and interpersonal peace.

On this International Peace Day, let us rededicate ourselves to being the change we wish to see in the world. May we have the courage to look within, embracing our shadows and our light. And may we have the wisdom to truly hear others, bridging divisions through patience and love. The future rests in each of our heads/hearts/hands.

“LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH, AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME + AI” Jill Jackson-Miller, Sy Miller & Mario Sebok

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