Sunday, December 31, 2017

Grateful post 2

Today was a day to review goals of 2017 and plan 2018 goals.

In 2017 I reached:

~ 85% goals in learning/growth potential,
~ 85% goals in love,
~ 80 % goals in travel,
~ 70% goals in family relashionship,
~ 50% in health and less still on other fields like work, spiritual, philantrophy, leadership and friendships.

But am grateful today for

1) Being sincere on my goals appraisal

2) Setting a draft of 10 SMART goals for 2018, with stretched and minimum targets as suggestion of this video 

3) Being able to connect with family and friends with a Message for New Years before it ended.

Thank you Dec 30th , 2017!

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